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The Fifth Place

The Fifth Place
A Room with New Rules

The Fifth Place is an invitation-only, absurdist social gathering held within different venues in New York. Each time you visit The Fifth Place you are given a new set of rules by our Directors of Behavior which shape your interactions with the other guests. The Fifth Place is devoted to antic joy and higher forms of irrationality.

Attendance is free. If you are currently located in New York and would like to be invited, please complete the application form below.

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The Fifth Place was established in 2023 out of the need for a social space focused upon inventive communication between strangers. The rules for each gathering are created by the Director of Behavior along with guest artists, writers, scientists, game designers, psychologists and perhaps even you! Gatherings are held in a variety of public spaces, usually without the awareness of the venue itself.



Director of Behavior: Michael Portnoy


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